The North Alabama BPC serves as a guide to help you take advantage of all available resources and incentives, and maximize the ROI of your energy upgrades.


Benchmarking: When a building is benchmarked for performance, it is compared to buildings of similar size and usage to determine the amount of room for improvement. This is the first step in establishing a Better Building, and we will provide that at no cost.

Energy Audits: An Energy Audit is an assessment of the energy needs of a building. It creates a cost analysis model, identifies areas of capital savings, and quantifies any incentives that have been considered.

There are four levels for Energy Audits which are performed by Energy Alabama and/or Avion Solutions.

Project Development Support: The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge is here to aid you in your goal to establish an efficient building. We can provide project management, financing support, and energy audits. If you have an idea of your energy goal, we will help implement it. We expect you to take advantage of the services we offer in order to achieve our common goal.

Energy Financing solves many issues, and allows positive cash flow. Financing will show you a detailed payback of any investments and a clear method to plan energy savings in the future. Financing through the better buildings challenge is provided by Avion Solutions.

Any improvement (ex. HVAC, solar panels, new lighting) is eligible for financing.  

The NABPC can provide training and educational opportunities to companies or interested participants to learn about the benefits of energy reduction, whether it be environmental, financial, or economically.

We offer building tracking over a period of time to identify building resource usage and energy consumption anomalies.This increases our ability to identify improvement in your building. All of your usage will be aggregated into the ENERGY STAR portfolio manager to monitor your total energy consumption.
Measurement and Verification (M&V) is the measurement, calculation, and/or modeling to reliably determine actual energy/utility savings achieved within a facility by an energy efficiency project.

A split incentive is when there are two parties, usually a building owner and the tenant. It is easy for the tenant to avoid energy upgrades because they do not own the building. It is also simple for the building owner to not worry about energy waste because he/she doesn’t pay the utility bill. To solve this split incentive, and to save the most energy, the Green Lease was created.

A “green lease” helps push past barriers by promoting best practices for commercial leases and recognizing firms and brokers that are successfully incorporating green lease language into new or existing leases to save energy in buildings.