Avion Solutions Inc. joined the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge to reduce energy consumption and explore new business opportunities in a growing field. Avion started by noticing excessive HVAC usage that did not align with the architects vision for the building. The North Alabama Buildings Performance process provided actionable data to help Avion make informed decisions about the upgrades that would best improve the company’s profitability. Here are the results:

Total Savings: $38,410 annually

Total Cost: $192,970

Total Simple Payback: 5.02 years

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Avion HVAC Controls

What Did They Do?

  • Optimized building systems and controls
    • Cost = $10,000
    • Payback = 6 months
  • Upgraded outdoor parking lot lights
    • Cost = $22,970
    • Payback = 6.0 years
  • Installed a 50 kW solar photovoltaic system
    • Cost = $160,000
    • Payback = 6.5 years