Our Vision

The Buildings Performance Challenge challenges CEOs, University Presidents, state and local government leaders, and others to commit their organizations to lead in saving energy, saving money, and showcasing the best energy saving strategies and their results. It is sponsored by the US Department of Energy.

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge (NABPC) is an initiative to cut energy usage in North Alabama commercial buildings by a target of 20%. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and reinvest the savings in our community. Achieving this goal will significantly reduce partners’ operating costs, free up capital for more productive uses, enhance tenant comfort and productivity, and boost market competitiveness.

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge will support substantive energy efficiency upgrades of municipal, university, hospitals and commercial buildings as a means of fostering new business opportunities, and creating more sustainable operations. Participants are asked to support this initiative by advocating for resource efficiency and developing innovative partnerships and approaches.

By joining the NABPC, building owners and managers pledge to save a specific percentage of energy over a set time period, typically 20% energy savings within 10 years, in their selected buildings. We will work with you to provide building assessment (if desired), education, training and access to project finance.

Building Participants commit to:

  1. Publicly pledge a building or portfolio-specific energy savings goal and develop a plan and schedule.
  2. Identify an energy savings project and implement the project.
  3. Share utility data with the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge, as well as information about the tools, technologies, and processes you used implement projects and reach your pledge goal.

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge offers two ways to participate.

  1. Self-direct your efforts through the program. All events and resources are available to you however you’re essentially on your own to achieve 20% savings in 10 years.
    • Best for: Large organizations or those who already have an energy manager on staff.
  2. Receive assistance from the Huntsville Better Buildings’ team of experts.
    • Best for: Small to medium businesses, nonprofits and organizations without professional energy managers.

There are no fees to participate however implementing certain energy efficiency upgrades can cost money but are typically offset by energy savings.

First things first. You’ll save money on utility costs. Beyond that, here’s what the NABPC will do for you.

  1. Provide educational resources for building owners, managers and operators
  2. Provide energy efficiency implementation technical assistance to help Participants identify opportunities and achieve their pledge
  3. Establish a marketplace of energy efficiency stakeholders and resources to complete energy efficiency projects
  4. Publicly recognize Partners and Participants for their progress in achieving milestones and reaching goals through various marketing and PR initiatives
  5. Promote buildings and owners who achieve ENERGY STAR certification on a public map

When you share data with us, we’ll be measuring progress toward goals. Utility data will be collected from each NABPC participant and aggregated into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to measure the overall reduction in energy consumption.  Periodic reports will be provided by the HBBC to communicate progress and highlight opportunities. We will honor requests to keep building-specific data anonymous!


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